Job: Superintendent (US, Henderson)

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

  • Responsible for Complete Safety on the jobsite.

A.Comply with all company policies.

B.Comply with all OSHA policies.

C.Maintain proper barricading.

D.Should be the competent person on the job.

E.Take action to remedy all unsafe problem and/or conditions.

F.Report to the safety director, General Superintendent and project manager, ALL accidents, damages and violations.

G.Turn in a completed incident form the day of the incident.

H.Hold job related safety meetings weekly and safety topics daily.

  • Know the daily unit (Know if your making budget or not, if not then find out why)

  • Track and record all quantities.

A.Communicate percent of completion to the General Superintendent

B.Compare estimated quantities of actual quantities.

  • Verify Ordered Materials

A.Arrival time, quantities and tons per hour.

B.Cut off & reorders.

  • Timely Paperwork

A.Daily timesheets ? Include daily safety topic.

B.Complete quality checklist/Pictures

C.Weekly safety meeting report

Jobsite Management Requirements

  • Build and apply job progression plan.

A.Communicate this plan to employees and general superintendent

B.Be ready for plan changes and adjust to them quickly

  • Line out and control the work at ALL times

  • Confirm and perform layout/Understand grades

A.Look for grades that won?t work/Verify Drainage

  • Operation of company vehicles

A.Operate vehicle in a safe manner.

B.Keep clean and free of trash

  • Equipment Care

A.Keep service truck/tack trailer stocked with Job necessities

B.Verify equipment startup and shutdown procedures

C.Keep equipment clean and free of trash

D.All equipment damage must be reported immediately whether received damaged, or damaged under your Supervision, or vandalized.

  • Employee Management

A.Train and mentor employees to meet their development goals.

B.Plan work to implement development as much as possible.

C.Document unacceptable performance and behavior.

Customer Service

  • Walk-through with General Superintendent prior to completion early enough to address issues.

  • Stay in contact with Project Manager or Customer.

  • Cooperation with other Subs.

  • Maintain a good relationship with customers and owners.